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erotic city moscow girls

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27.02.2015 Isabela review submited by michel
...and isabella also great! But i guess helena is more wild...openminded...! more

27.02.2015 Helena review submited by Michel
...Helena is a very exiting and sexy woman...i gues very open-minded too..it wuld be great to met her...! just only in moscow possible?? more

21.02.2015 Sonia review submited by Fabio
My child is 6 y/o and had been suspended from scohol for a couple of times. He is in special add class. Can you help us? If yes, when do you have the first available appointment and how much it will c more

20.02.2015 Margo review submited by Mbc
G did something most <a href="http://mgmkxxr.com">orrndaiy</a> kids get to do if allowed. When I was a kid we had our favorite places in the woods, down by the beach, in the park more

20.02.2015 Alisa review submited by Prasanna
it was done when i was 18, and never picked up a wedelr before, didnt matter what it looked like as it was groung back flush with the panels, you seem to be all words, would love to see your welding a more

20.02.2015 Sonia review submited by Harun
Congratulations to Katie! I (barely) remember my sixth grade griaoatdun it too was a bunch of pomp and circumstance for what was a (seemingly) small milestone, in retrospect. Looks like you all had more

20.02.2015 Alisa review submited by Fuminobu
Scary but good. Seems to be the way with parenting, the<a href="http://ksljoflhz.com"> tnhgis</a> that help our children grow the most are also the ones that terrify us the most more

19.02.2015 Margo review submited by Dinesh
I saw a slide show of the 6th graders at Island Creek and<a href="http://dhijxapvnlw.com"> cduoln</a>'t help but think of Katie! She looks so happy I know you're all proud!! more

19.02.2015 Beverli review submited by Ruplal
I love everything about this widnedg, but particularly the cake and the color scheme. What was the use of their pictures on the table. Were those coasters? Menu cards? Whatever they were for they we more

19.02.2015 Alisa review submited by Dandi
My child is 6 y/o and had been suspended from shocol for a couple of times. He is in special add class. Can you help us? If yes, when do you have the first available appointment and how much it will c more

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Moscow Girls news

As an Escort, I am used to meeting different kinds of men. Some men you remember, some you just want to forget.  In my escort service for 5 years, one of my sweetest erotic date was with an Indian Programmer who was from Hyderabad.

His name was Shankar and he was getting married soon. The guy had booked my service so that he can get some sexual experience before his first wedding night. He was very keen to perform well on his wedding night and don’t want to disappoint his wife.

When he arrived in my apartment, he was very nervous. Infact, words were not coming from his mouth. To relax his nerves, I made him a wine which he finished in single gulped. I started conversing to get over formal environment. Soon, he was in ease and sit in my bed as if he was waiting for some event to take place.

I didn’t disappoint him too; I played soft music on me deck and started removing my clothes. His mouth was wide open like a small child when I performed striptease. Soon, I was standing in two piece lingerie in front of him.  He got very excited and I could see the bulge inside his pant. I took off his clothes to make him naked. Once, he was naked except his underwear, I made him lie in bed. I took out oil from my cupboard and started applying on his body. He laughed like a child when my soft hands move over his firm body. My hands started from his face, move to neck and finally rested inside his underwear.  I started playing with his organ inside his underwear. Soon, I couldn’t control my excitement and rip off his underwear to see his cock. His cock was a dark beauty and quite huge. I started sucking it like an ice cream and soon he ejaculated inside my mouth. Now he was really excited and couldn’t control his feelings.

He rose from bed, gave me a deep kiss and said, “Enough.” “Now, it is my turn”

He laid me on bed and started giving me a sensual massage. His oily hands move all over body, especially on my breasts which he fondled gently. I shivered with excitement when his hands went inside my panty.  I screamed when his finger went inside my vagina. To silence me, his lips fastened on my lips and he kissed them passionately till they become swollen. Then, he move to neck, navel and finally on my breasts which he suckled like  a child. While his mouth was moving all over my body, his finger was moving with full intensity inside my vagina. Soon, I had a  mind blowing orgasm.

He didn’t stop at this. Satisfying himself from kissing, he turned me upside down , spread my legs and  inserted his cock fastly inside my vagina.  He moved with such a fast speed that I was feeling pain and excitement at same time. Soon, he released as sperm shot inside my body and both of us achieved our sexual climax at the same time.

He sent me his wedding pics on my mail id and really thanked me for boosting his confidence. His wife was very happy with him and he told me he was going to become a father soon.

I feel really glad of making Shankar realize his manliness. Most important, he showed me enough respect and gratitude which most men do not show to escort girls.


Sometime when you look for escort girl you can find the site where many women offer their companionship for free. It is true that they don't want the money they want just only company. Sometime this event can occur but as a matter of fact the girl will be not attractive and she is not willing go on sexual relationship. In other occurrences the girl will be good looking and sexy and then dramas would start. She says that she wants to go to travel but she does not have enough wardrobe to take with her. Then nicely she will hint to go with her shopping and she doe not want to go to Mall where you can spend a couple of hundred euros to buy her new dress. She wants an exclusive dress and nice shoes and then include in that a nice cosmetic. Finally you would spend a fortune and then on the day of departure the girl will not appear. I would not say that would happen all the time but it happened several times with the guys who wanted hire girl for travel. Better deal with escort girl. They know what they want and our agency responsible for their behavior. 

We had yesterday swingers party in club  Swingersforyou. Lovely Alsu had an action and could entertain couples from Italy. It was exciting and the lady Bianka had a nice excitement. 

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Betty came to Moscow. She is from Ivanovo. Lovely young girl addicted on sex and want explore more and more.

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What makes a girl Erotic-city escort girl?

Glad you asked. Like porn and art, erotic-city girl is hard to describe but you know it when you see it. All of our models possess an air of refined sexiness, with a subtle undercurrent of naughtiness, that can't help but arouse. Words don't do them justice. Pictures barely can, but we've tried our best, and in the gallery you'll find a hi-resolution, professional portfolio for each of our stunning escorts in Moscow. A proper babe is more than looks though; what's the fun in a date with an exceptionally gorgeous wet blanket who doesn't engage or interact? We only select models with personalities to match their beauty. They know how to disarm and inflame in a single glance, and want you to feel completely at ease during your time together. For all the latest development in the world of Moscow Escort girls check out the newsfeed and the new arrivals page.

We have a plan to organize swingers party in club "Swingers4you" If you have an interest just send us a request by email 6490669@mail.ru.

Kamila arrived to Moscow. She use to work before in our agency and we received a lot of nice reviews. She is a nice and easy going girl. She tries to do everything for you just make you happy and receive good comments about her service.


You have to be aware that we don't take credit cards and we don't ask for any prepayment. Our Escort Models will come to your room and after you have agreed to spend the time with her you will make a payment. 

  We are honest company and our coals just to make your holiday unforgettable and we want you to come back to our escort girls who would treat you with the greatest respect and sincerity.

Our helpful and polite receptionists are available 24 hours to assist you to find exactly the right girl for you.  All our girls love their work and will never rush you, so why not pick up the phone now; they are looking forward to your call!

Situations in which the book is a girl from a VIP escort in Moscow: • If you are experiencing a lack of woman's warmth and affection, want to spend a nice time with a beautiful girl face to face; • You are invited to the ceremony, business or social event, where it is desirable to present the company with an attractive lady; • If you wish to travel and would like to take a charming companion that will elate you with its beauty and always good humor; • If you come to the capital from other countries for tourism or business purposes, you want to see Moscow and you search for a charming girl who could play the role of a guide. Every girl from our escort agency in Moscow has a beautiful appearance, as well as all the necessary skills to make your leisure unforgettable, if you want a nice evening can move smoothly into the stormy hot night. So if you think that we deserve only the best, contact our agency. To order a girl, who will be happy to brighten up your loneliness, to make the company an amusement, cultural, business or social event, just call us at the phone number on the website.

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